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All My Sons Moving Joins the "Just Put It Down" Campaign to Save Lives

Employees of All My Sons Moving & Storage gathered early in the morning on July 7th to pledge their support for the Just Put It Down campaign to end distracted driving. All My Sons drivers know first-hand how dangerous the roads can be, not just for them, but for all drivers.

In 2009, an estimated 5,474 people died as a result of distracted driving, and an additional 448,000 people were injured in distracted driving-related accidents in the United States alone (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that 3,089 of the more than 5,000 people killed on U.S. roadways in 2009 were here in Texas. Distracted driving has cost the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors, along with $20.3 billion in economic losses (NSC).

Safety is All My Sons' number one priority. We want our employees to get home safely to their families. At the same time, by reminding them to not text and drive, we are keeping others on the road safe as well, says Jason Crossen, President of Dallas-based All My Sons.

Mr. Crossen has always reminded his employees of safety, due to the dangers that they face each day on the job. I have always spoken to my crews about Situational Awareness while on the job, which is your perception of what is happening or has happened around your vehicle. When I learned about the dangers of distracted driving, I realized we needed to do more than just remind them about safe driving,? says Mr. Crossen. That's when All My Sons partnered with Van Wey Law, PLLC, a Dallas-based personal injury law firm, to support the Just Put It Down campaign. ?We are excited to be a part of the Just Put It Down campaign. We made a commitment and we intend to keep it, says Mr. Crossen.

Just Put It Down is a community service project, started by Kay L. Van Wey, a Board Certified Personal Trial Lawyer with over 25 years of experience. ?I saw so many of our clients? lives being torn apart by someone?s momentary lapse of attention, such as sending a text message. As a personal injury attorney, I can help my clients to try to restore their lives, but I can?t bring their loved ones back or reverse the injuries that they have suffered because of distracted driving,? says Ms. Van Wey.

Realizing the deaths and injuries caused, and the lives torn apart by distracted driving, Ms. Van Wey vowed to help put an end to the epidemic. "I was just as guilty as everyone else of talking on the phone or trying to send emails while driving. But when I learned of the dangers of distracted driving, I vowed to just put down my phone and focus on the road. Distracted driving accidents are 100 percent preventable, and people should not be dying because of this," says Ms. Van Wey.

The goal of Just Put It Down is to eliminate distracted driving accidents by educating the community about the dangers of distracted driving and by encouraging drivers to take the pledge to just put it down. Along with the campaign, Van Wey Law launched a website,, where people can go to learn more about distracted driving and take the pledge to end their own distractions in the car.

Join All My Sons and Just Put It Down by taking the pledge today at The life you save may be your own.

About Van Wey Law:

Van Wey Law is a Dallas-based personal injury litigation firm. Lead attorney Kay L. Van Wey is a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer with over 25 years of experience. She is a dedicated consumer rights advocate and has written several books on subjects such as prescription drug safety and surgical fires. Her latest book, Distracted to Death: Stop Distracted Driving & Save Lives, which is available as a free download from, is aimed at educating drivers about the hazards of distracted driving.

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